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On the way to become a Pro

The Divemaster is the first step to become a Pro. With this level of certification, you are allowed to work and earn money with diving – anywhere in the world!

Our Dive School Go And Dive has existed since 1993. Here on Koh Tao and at Go And Dive we do certify the most divers in the world! Many Professionals, for example Divemasters, are always “on board " with us and an important resource for our diving company. During this long period, Go And Dive has acquired international reputation as leading dive operator in terms of professional courses and beyond.

You will receive our highest quality and professionalism in your diving education. The Divemaster course in our dive school is far more sophisticated than envisaged by the standards. We have extended the course over the years, so that you will receive a really comprehensive and professional education as it should be.

Here you will not be fobbed off with a 17 days program. You decide yourself how long you want to train your Divemaster skills. The minimum is about 4 weeks, but we recommend at least 6 weeks or longer, so you really learn to be a Pro.

During your training you will complete a lot more theoretical modules and practical workshops, than we would have to teach you - according to the standards. We do this because then, after our Divemaster Course you are more than ready to work at any dive school in the world. And you should do your job GOOD, right?

Go And Dive also do have a instructor, who only takes care of the Divemaster Program. This instructor is supervising your training at all stages. More so, this is your mentor. He advises you and trains you to become a role model Divemaster and Diving Professional. In other dive schools, due to the limited capacity, often there’s no single instructor who is only responsible for the Divemaster Program.

Here at Go And Dive you also will be able to make enough practical experience with real customers. Go And Dive trains up to 15,000 divers annually and the Divemaster Trainees (DMTs ) are involved in the dive training and education of these student divers (like the Open Water Diver Course). So you really learn in real life and not just in the classroom.

What is the job of a Divemaster?

The Divemaster is the first level of a professional education. Your qualification will allow you to lead certified divers on the dive sites and plan those dives (Briefing, Debriefing,…). Also Divemasters do support Instructors in dive courses, when they teach student divers. All this you will practice during your Divemaster training with us. And from Divemaster level, it’s only a little step to become a Instructor of course!

Please contact us , so we can organize your Divemaster Program for you.

To participate

  • you are an Advanced Open Water Diver
  • you are a Rescue Diver
  • you have completed a First Aid or EFR Course in the last two years (bring written proof, please. You can do the EFR also here at Go And Dive)
  • you have minimum logged 40 dives. If not - dive with us for free until you have the 40 dives
  • you have a diving medical proof from a doctor (you can do the check here)
  • you own the Divemaster Materials / Crew Pack (sold here at Go And Dive)
  • you are at least 18 years old


Schedule: Six to eight weeks is recommended

The Divemaster course is divided into several modules. When exactly you will complete each module is mostly left up to you.

Once you’ve completed all Divemaster modules after a few weeks - you can be registered as a Divemaster! Some of the modules are:

  • improving your diving skills (buoyancy, etc.)
  • Improve your knowledge in all aspects of diving (eg equipment, physics, effects of pressure on the human body).
  • Fitness test (towing a tired diver, etc.)
  • Assist real diving courses
  • Assist Discover Scuba Diving Programs and Scuba Reviews
  • Leading workshops and lead divers on the dive sites
  • construct a map of a dive site
  • etc.


Divemaster Program

Course (including Divemaster Crew Pack materials + 1 year fee) 34,400 THB *


$ 154 AUD **

Special Offers

OW to DM without EFR 63,000 THB
OW to DM with EFR 67,000 THB

  • * All prices are per person, in Thai Baht (THB) and include all taxes and fees
  • ** All prices are per person, in Australian dollars (AUD) and include all taxes and fees
  • Complete rental dive equipment such as BCD, mask, fins, etc. included


Please contact us in advance (important!) without any obligation!

Did you know ?

Go And Dive employs dive professionals from all over the world and offers diving courses in your language too! Just ask us :)

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